Reed diffusers are a fragrant, long-lasting and elegant alternative to candles. The Courtyard Candle Co. Luxury Reed Diffusers are made using high quality diffuser bases and fragrances. Our luxury diffusers provide a gorgeous fragrance from 6 - 12 months and add a decorative touch to any room.


  1. Unscrew the bottle cap and remove the rubber seal.
  2. Screw the black diffuser lid back onto the bottle.
  3. Insert the reed sticks into the liquid.
  4. Allow the sticks to soak in the liquid for approximately 10 minutes.
  5. Remove the sticks, being careful to ensure that the liquid doesn't spill or drip from the sticks (it is recommended that you tap the sticks inside the bottle to remove any droplets of liquid and use a tissue or paper towel to dab the liquid from the sticks. Diffuser liquid can cause damage to painted surfaces and wood areas if split and left. Please wipe any drips immediately).
  6. Flip your sticks.
  7. Enjoy your fragrance!

We recommend that you flip your diffuser sticks once every week to get a fresh burst of fragrance.

Diffusers are long lasting and last for up to six months. This timing depends on external factors such as weather, temperature, drafts and loss of liquid from flipping sticks, dust exposure and drips. A diffuser will disperse a fragrance more readily when placed near a draft from a fan or window however, this can cause the liquid to evaporate more quickly.


Our diffusers hold 200ml of liquid are are recommended for small to medium rooms. They can be used in large rooms also, however they may not have a strong fragrance dispersion depending on the room size.

For large rooms, we recommend placing two diffusers at opposite ends of the room.