Candle Care


To get the best out of your candle we recommend trimming your wick to approximately 5mm or 1/4 inch each time you burn your candle. We recommend trimming the wick every 4 hours of burn time. Be sure to cool your candle before trimming your wick and to remove any wick debris from the wax.

The first time you light your candle, ensure that you burn it for long enough for the wax to melt and pool all the way to the edge of the glass holder or as close as possible. This will prevent a nuisance called 'tunneling' from occurring and can take 1-2 hours to achieve (possibly longer in colder temperatures).

Try to burn your candle for no more than 4 hours at a time to prevent sooting, wick 'mushrooming' and uneven burning.


Whilst every care is taken to provide you with a fabulous product, please remember these candles are handmade. You may encounter a small 'air-bubble' close to your wick, some 'frosted' wax inside the jar or a slightly cracked surface from where we have set the botanicals. This is completely normal in soy wax candles and sometimes occurs due to pouring conditions, atmosphere and temperatures. This shouldn't affect the quality of your candle. 

Did you know your candle has a memory? The first time you light your candle ensure that you burn it for long enough for the wax to melt all the way to the edge of the glass holder or as close as possible (not removing large botanicals may prevent the heat from melting the wax all the way to the edge). This will prevent a nuisance called 'tunneling' from occurring. This can occur no matter the quality of your candle. If tunneling does occur there are ways you can troubleshoot to make sure you get the maximum burn time out of your candles. Wrapping the outside of your candle in foil can help trap the heat and ensure you get the full potential out of your product. However, preventing this is much easier than the cure and we want you to have the best possible experience with our products.

Candle waxes and fragrances are sensitive to both temperature and light, we recommend to always store your candles in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. If in the event you find your candle does not meet your expectations above and beyond these infrequent occurrences please see our refund and return policy.


We love the botanicals on the candle and take our candle safety very seriously. Please be assured that the botanicals on the candles are safe and allowed to be on the candle according the policies as covered by our product insurance. You may receive candles that have less botanicals on them as opposed to what is featured in the photo below or on the product your receive. This is an older, outdated photo when we asked people to remove the botanicals if they were choosing to light the candles. We now provide candles with small amounts of botanical that are safe to light without the need to remove any items. 

Candle safety is our priority and we cannot stress the importance of never leaving your candles unattended.